a low-res pre-sunset sky, the sun and clouds playing
june 01, the parking lot has a nice view. abundance as captured on my phone camera.
the first week of february ✣ learning bridge!
✣ rebuilding this site
the second week of february ✣ set up my blog
✣ attended a marine life drawing workshop
the third week of february ✣ employed
✣ visited friends + the sea in bombay
the second week of march ✣ wrote a test for semi-dream job
✣ now frequenting gossip's cafe
the third week of march ✣ still coughing
✣ writing code again
the first week of june ✣ mostly dehyrated
✣ finding comfort in dix pour cent
the second week of june ✣ mostly dehyrated (again)
being boolead